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Long Story Short

  1. An urgent need to transition to ecologically wise, socially inclusive and economically sustainable waste management systems.
  2. A system is as good as the individuals involved in setting it up and/or sustaining it. Thereby, we are empathetic to the learning needs of individuals and especially of those passionate (including but not limited to colleagues, strategic partners, clients, government officials, citizens) about the transformation of waste management systems.
  3. Enable the reduction of waste.
  4. Our work should enable reflection on the question ‘what is waste?’ for individuals, groups and organizations. Possibly, leading to relevant and empathetic action thereon.
  5. Material circularity is vital. So is financial circularity.
  6. Ideas can come from everywhere and everyone. Be receptive.
  7. Preserve organizational independence to respond authentically to the need of waste management.
  8. Be financially resilient and unlock abundance for all stakeholders. Thereon, enabling original, courageous and relevant action.
  9. Be empathetic to the mental and physical health needs of all stakeholders.

Stakeholder Engagement

Effective sensitization and on-boarding of a diverse set of stakeholders in order to enable a ‘zero waste’ future.


Field Experts

A young and dynamic team with hands-on experience & a proven track record, which values transparency.


Frugal Solutions

Deep understanding of relevant technologies & processes for SWM in India with a focus on frugality & resilience.


Our Action

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Our Mission

Contribute to the sustainable development of India, through the implementation of integrated waste (material) management practices to foster environmental and human well being.

Firstly, contribute towards achieving a balance between the disintegrated cycles of ecology and economy. Gradually moving towards a scenario wherein the ecological & economical cycles are integrated, truly contributing to the idea of sustainable development.
Uphold the 3R principle of Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. Enable effective segregation at source; to embrace the value of biodegradable materials and maximum recovery of dry material which could be reused and sent for recycling. Lastly, enabling scientific disposal of non-recyclable dry waste.
Through the effective servicing of our multiple stakeholders including but not limited to Government institutions (like Urban Local Bodies and Gram Panchayats), Civil Society Organizations, Corporations we intend to contribute to positive outcomes for environmental and human well-being.

A social enterprise committed to achieving triple bottom line outcomes for people, planet & profit.

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Corporate Office: 2nd Floor, E-50, Sector 3, Noida, U.P. - 201301
(+91) 9891911774

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    Our SWM Approach

    Our SWM Approach